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A core platform for Hybrid On-Prem and In-the-Cloud Broadcast Automation

Aveco ASTRA automation is known as a reliable workflow orchestrator for broadcast and media organizations worldwide. The latest core platform release, ASTRA V, offers new features, expanded capabilities, and an enhanced enterprise automation experience. It extends the already large set of existing realtime and timeline drivers to streamline master control and studio playout.

ASTRA V brings Versatility

• Latest IT technologies and IP standards on Linux based platformASTRA V - The bridge that connects the On-Prem and Cloud worlds

• Higher density

• Virtualization/Public cloud

• Real-time control performance

• Modular expansion

• COTS hardware

• Established in baseband, streaming as well as IP (ST 2110) environments

• Plug-in modules (IDP, Open API)

• Modern centralized monitoring of automated workflows

• New integrations and device controllers

• User experience (NUE, GEMINI) • 24/7 reliability


Redundancy: mirror, N+M, disaster recovery                                                                             ASTRA V - The bridge that connects the On-Prem and Cloud worlds

Scalability: through Aveco’s Orbital architecture

For system features please refer to the ASTRA MCR and ASTRA Studio datasheets                                                   

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