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Delivery is the key of the media business - and it's evolving faster than ever. Multichannel operations, with secondary channels, niche and temporary channels, regional programming insertion, integration with social media, local-regional-and-cloud operations have to run reliably and cost-efficiently.  We have solutions!

Do you know what challenges and what requirements the future brings to playout?

The role of our automation has always been to integrate the 3rd party products of our customers’ choice to deliver optimum solutions for their business models; we make a working playout facility out of a pile of 3rd party boxes.

Openness – the ability to provide any workflow, integrate any system and device and support any business model, are important features of our automation. Sports broadcasters have different needs from news channels, general entertainment, business or music channels. What is common for all of them, is a requirement of reliability and low running cost. At the same time, they are all innovating, experimenting with new ways of delivery, regionalizing their programming, introducing new services. Yet, these innovations need to be done in non-disruptive ways, assuring the continuity of their business.

Aveco is the automation partner that went through all the technical revolutions in the past and is ready for the revolutions that are coming.

  • Automation servers are industrial PC computers with a mission critical real-time operating system QNX. Automation software consists of a large set of dedicated software modules that can be used to build the required solution, from all-in-one automation server providing MCR and Studio automation together with the MAM, up to large networks of geographically distributed redundant automation servers, always acting as one automation system.
  • Automation clients are platform independent; you can run them on Windows, Linux and on Apple machines.

Aveco products are well known for reliability. The PC servers as well as the QNX operating system have been designed to control industrial processes, and the Aveco software has stood the test of time. There is a range of redundancy concepts, including mirroring of automation servers, mirroring of controlled devices, “self-healing” network equipment pool management, remotely located disaster recovery solutions. Automated failover scenarios resolve detected problems without any operators’ assistance.


For each aspect of media operations, there are some products and some manufacturers better than others. Aveco as an independent manufacturer integrates all the products on the market without any corporate policies of “bundling” that try to manipulate broadcasters into using inferior products.

Channel playout

Aveco provides automation for large multichannel facilities, centralized as well as distributed across multiple facilities. Aveco also provides automation for small regional broadcasters.

Regional program insertion

Inserting region-targeted ads into the TV channel is an interesting business model. Inserting targeted programs could be a great model to increase viewership. Aveco has multiple solutions for both. Read more >>

Secondary channels

The main channels can be aired in multiple flavors, such as SD version with proper SD graphics along with HD versions with HD graphics; channels can be time delayed, re-branded, and provided with localized content under Aveco control. Aveco automation makes management of these channels easy and fully automated.

Niche and temporary channels

Niche channels typically use cost-optimized equipment. Yet, by integrating them to Aveco automation the whole facility, main as well as niche channels, can be controlled from the same GUI, by using the same workflows and the same training.

Social media

Think about sending properly timed messages to the social networks so that the readers turn on the TV sets. TV is the strongest business and social media is a good way how to support it. Aveco automation can also aggregate messages from social media, select the proper ones and show them on air.  Aveco can also programmatically send out such messages – e.g. a tweet 30 seconds before each show airs promoting the content using an assigned 140 character field in the integrated Aveco MAM.


Integration of Aveco’s playout automation and news studio automation (in a single automation server, as well as in a single automation system consisting of multiple servers) adds a new level of workflow efficiency. It also eliminates the inevitable small switching errors that occasionally occur in a strictly manual transition between PCR-MCR-PCR. Aveco transitions perfectly every time – MCR & PCR are part of the same system.


Handling the rapid changes in sports broadcasting is a specialty of Aveco. Aveco production automation has a range of tools for quickly adjusting to the latest highlights and latest news. Our Master Control automation versatility in implementing alternate schedules is unique.  Aveco handles dynamic ads in sports to maximize revenues by localized coverage through stream-splicing control. Our playout solution provides many tools such as asynchronous ads and sponsored graphics, time squeeze of programs to expand ad space without removing content, management of sponsored anchor sentences. Aveco automates some of the largest and most complex sports networks of the world, and, scales to cost-efficiently handle small sports networks as well.

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  • GEMINI - manages the lifecycle of news assets from acquisition through postproduction, on air live production to archiving.
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