Sports mean many things. Sport is an excitement for kids and hobbyists. It is a job for professional athletes. Sport is an entertainment for fans and a huge revenue source for media companies. We know how to maximize the profit (and then go to do some sporting activity ourselves).

We have great tools for studio production, ways to enhance viewers’ engagement and versatile master control playout with specialized sports channel tools.

 ASTRA Studio

Sports studio automation makes the repetitive live sports shows more visually attractive, while minimizing production cost and human errors. Besides controlling studio equipment, our automation provides services such as ingest of live programs, web publishing, timing of messages on social media as well as ad management. Also, our integration between production automation and master control automation means a cleaner, faster-moving presentation on air.

ASTRA MCR for Sports Channels

Sports needs specialized production automation tools and master control tools. Aveco’s developed a range of them in automating many of the world’s largest and most complex sports networks. 

ASTRA MCR for Sports Channels handles the rapid changes of live, dynamic sports broadcasts. The way we implement alternate schedules is uniquely flexible.  Aveco control dynamic ads to maximize revenues by localized coverage through stream-splicing control. We managed asynchronous ads and sponsored graphics, time squeeze programs to expand ad space without removing content, manage sponsored anchor sentences, manage sponsor replays and provide multiple channel live outputs with alternative schedules for multi-city regional sports networks, streaming, OTT, social media, clean-feed ingest for archival and other needs.  While Aveco automates many of the largest sports networks of the world, we also scale inexpensively for small sports networks.

Asynchronous ads

During live sport programs the ads are sold on events such as goals, wickets or touchdowns. Of course, these ads cannot be scheduled directly in a linear playlist. You don’t know when they’ll happen. Aveco provides asynchronous ad playlists, that are shown in the GUI along with the main playlist. Press one hotkey and the MCR operator can run one or more asynchronous ads and seamlessly cut back to live. There can be multiple such playlists available, such as commercial playlist and playlist of sponsored graphics, alternate playlist, overtime playlists etc. all easily managed in Aveco’s MCR automation. The Aveco commercial counter shows the overall duration of aired and scheduled ads and makes sure it does not exceed the quota given by the applicable laws or media company policies.

Time squeeze

Sometimes the live event resumes earlier than planned, and the current ads that are scheduled have to be dropped. That is a clear revenue loss. Aveco can time squeeze the live program without any perceptible change by our unique integration with the Prime Image Time Tailor, dynamically removing content so that the ads can be completed, then the slightly time delayed live program goes to air. Using this time compensation technology, within a few minutes the program is really live on air.

Regional program insertion

Inserting region-targeted ads into the sports is an interesting business model. Inserting targeted programs such as regional sport events and local sports highlights increase viewership. Aveco has multiple solutions for regional insertion.  Read more >>

Sponsored anchor spoken messages

It is simple and practical for Aveco to manage this – Aveco can schedule, direct and provide as-run log verifications.

Social media

Our ability to send messages to social media in a timely manner invites people online or on-mobile to watch the program.  Also Aveco’s Social Media Gateway easily takes in-coming messages and readies them for air.


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