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Aveco, headquatered in the Czech Republic – with locations in the United States, Latin America, India, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, France, and Switzerland – designs, sells, and supports studio production automation, master control automation, integrated channel playout, and media asset management systems worldwide. Aveco operates on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid workflows. Varieties of architectures are available, from complex multi-channel, multi-site operations to small standalone systems, and from complete end-to-end production and playout facilities to individual products. With hundreds of customers in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, Aveco, has grown into the TV industry’s largest independent automation company. Aveco has the technology and experience to deliver any workflow, to control any third-party device, and to provide media companies the reliability and 24/7 support Aveco is known for. Since its formation in 1992, Aveco has remained a stable, privately-owned company with a long-term commitment to steady growth and timely support. Aveco celebrated 30 years in 2022. We love to play!


The most demanding TV networks run on Aveco systems!

Aveco´s extreme reliability is coupled with the industry´s fastest growth of automation features - in both production automation and master control.

These include:

  • The industry´s only company with both production automation and master control up-cut from the hand-offs between MCR and PCR. MCR operators more easily make adjustments to changing on-air conditions in breaking news, sports overtimes and major events coverage.
  • The only company providing both PCR and MCR automation in multiple locations, operating as one integrated system.
  • The industry´s first cloud-based Master Control.
  • Aveco has the industry´s most complete library of interfaces and hardware/software integration - with all manufacturers, allowing broadcaster to use the best products in each area, instead of getting locked into manufacturer´s "bundles." 
  • Aveco is the only news automation system designed for multi-studio operations. Aveco production automation can change a rundown from one studio to another in one-click, instantly moving control for all PCR and Studio equipment. Easily combine multiple studios for major event coverage.
  • Aveco production automation can change a rundown from one studio to another in one-click, instantly moving control for all PCR and Studio equipment. Easily combine multiple studios for major event coverage. Aveco is the only news automation system designed for multi-studio operations.
  • Aveco´s integrated Facility Management is unique in the industry - allowing self-healing network operations and extraordinary pool-based efficiency improvements.
  • Aveco´s news production automation includes a range of exclusive features to serve breaking news.
  • The only Social Media Gateway for master control, optimizing real-time online promotions as part of on-air operations.
  • The only production automation integrating a Social Media Gateway.
  • Aveco accomplishes multiple MAM integrations routinely - as media is ingested, Aveco auto-populates all MAM databases, keeping local and multi-site operations in sync. Deletions can be global across all systems. All change notifications are communicated. Media status is easily updated. 
  • Aveco commonly handles unique name assignments across multi-site enterprises, avoiding MAM problems of events being recorded in multiple places without coordination.
  • Aveco´s MCR automation handles single and multiple channels in one or many locations, including remote stream-splicing localizing news, sports, traffic and ad spots.
  • In 2019, the company was awarded the IBC Innovation Award in the Content Everywhere category for its automation work for ETV Bharat for the automation system that drives the 24 studios and 24 full time news channels in 13 languages for mobile news consumption.


Whether you are a TV station or group, a news network, a sports or entertainment channel, music channel, shopping channel, teleport or production facility, Aveco helps you to become a content factory, producing, managing and delivering content reliably, efficiently and with maximum impact.


Aveco key values


  • Stability of the company

Have you ever purchased a product and needed support later? 

Very often, and in this era of acquisitions and mergers even more often, the original manufacturer is acquired, developers integrated into the corporation or left, product discontinued or, not supported as there is nobody left who understands the product. This is why believe the stability is a key factor when purchasing an automation system or a MAM.

We are stable, financially healthy, with long term relationships with our customers. Some of them use Aveco for more than 28 years. Aveco is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of automation, and we continue to innovate faster now than ever.  Aveco has an outstanding track record of on-air performance by many of the world’s largest and most complex networks - as well as regular praise for our quality of support at small broadcasters.


  • Independence 

Many – if not all – big corporations offer automation systems. Please understand: to develop an automation system is a big investment, and fifty percent of that investment is put into integration with other products. The corporations invest into integrating their corporate products, as the role of their automation is to allow to offer a turnkey package composed of their products.

As an independent manufacturer Aveco invests into integrating third-party products that our customers require. If you want to purchase all from a single corporation, there is probably nothing wrong, but you may get locked with their products and their workflows. If you want the freedom to select the best of breed products for your purpose on the market, now as well as in the future, you shall consider an independent automation manufacturer.


  • Staying at the cutting edge 

We listen to our customers and grow, adopting new business models and technologies as they wish - from on-air to online, from linear to VOD to social media, from high-end to inexpensive.  Every type of broadcast channel has special needs and Aveco has an unbroken 30 year track record of being the most innovative  automation company of the industry in production automation, master control and MAM.  We stay on the cutting edge because of our focus, our dedication and most of all because of our great world-class customers with whom we co-develop new feature-after-new-feature, which we then share with all our customers.  Explore the cutting edge of automation - talk with Aveco and with our systems integrators around the world.


Aveco Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report


  • Our CSR Vision and strategy

Aveco is dedicated to driving sustainable innovation in the broadcasting industry, maintaining a responsible and ethical business model, and contributing positively to the communities where we operate. 

Full Report




Overview of our customers

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