Inserting regional targeted ads into sports is an interesting business model. Inserting localized news, highlights, scores - and full programs - into specific local areas increases viewership.  Aveco has multiple solutions for regional insertion.

Models of operation

Aveco supports four modes of inserting regional ads, news, sports, traffic, weather and full-length programs at cable headends and other points of re-transmission. Methods include both SDI and stream-splicing.

Centralized model

All playout streams are originated in the headquarters MCR. Aveco’s ASTRA MCR playout automation controls the main TV channels as well as all related secondary/regional insertion channels. All equipment is operated in the central facility with all necessary redundancy. It’s easy to build and maintain. GEMINI makes sure all programming material and ad spots are transferred in time to the proper playout devices with ASTRA MCR ensuring they’re aired frame accurately, with as-run logs posted to traffic for verification. Last minute changes are instant and easy to do. Aveco’s monitoring GUI shows the flow of all channels on a single screen, and highlights all possible problems long before they can affect the broadcast delivery.

Hub model

Regional re-broadcasting stations receive TV channels. ASTRA MCR listens to the position markers of the incoming commercial breaks, such as SCTE 35 and/or cue tones, and controls the local equipment to insert the relevant local news and ad breaks.

Dual model

TV stations, that belong to a network, can use their ASTRA MCR or ASTRA Studio automation to work in dual mode. During the time periods of local programming, the automation plays out the local news or local playlist. During the rest of the day, the TV station just re-broadcasts the network feeds, ASTRA listens to the incoming ad break markers and uses the existing equipment to insert the local ad breaks.


Edge model

In the regional distribution locations there are the edge servers installed, that are responsible for program insertion. ASTRA MCR manages all regional playlists, all media located on the edge servers and provides the control and monitoring services. The ASTRA MCR in the headquarters controls the SCTE 35 inserters to identify the breaks. The edge servers then insert the regional contents into these marked positions, via SDI or stream-splicing.


Challenges solved

Time squeeze of programs - Broadcasters air as many commercials as possible.  Aveco can increase the available commercial time in programs by squeezing it in time though our unique integration with the Prime Image Time Tailor. Each program, live or recorded, can be time-squeezed so that it makes up a new timeslot for additional commercial spot. And all of this without removing any content! The “new-ad-space” is made without any perceptible change in programming. Commonly this is one-to-two minutes per hour.

Time delayed channels - When distributing a channel to a different time zone, typically it’s time-delayed.  Aveco can insert regional ad breaks, and updated news and graphics in these time-delayed broadcasts.

Time windows - Each ad break is scheduled for a certain time window.. If the break marker is not received within the defined window, the break is dropped.

Black frames   - The duration of the break scheduled in the main playlist may differ from the sum of ads scheduled for a regional break. If the main break is longer, ASTRA MCR can play black frames between the regional ads so that the break ends in time. It is certainly nicer looking than long black at the end of the break, or mistimed cut back to the network feed.

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