One platform. Three dimensions.


THE FIRST DIMENSION is the range of services, covering the whole lifecycle of assets, automating studio production, management, playout, and distribution. Create-Manage-Deliver. Or ASTRA Studio - GEMINI - ASTRA MCR.

THE SECOND DIMENSION is the environment; it can operate in any combination of On-Prem, Remote and Multi-Cloud.

THE THIRD DIMENSION is integration. Aveco has a comprehensive library of integrated 3rd party products.

Across all three dimensions, ASTRA Media Factory extends unified workflows and provides a unified user experience.



In this ever-changing media world, ASTRA Media Factory allows media companies to utilize past investments in on-prem technologies, as well as expand to the cloud gradually and naturally. It allows building and changing workflows with the best of all worlds, on-prem, cloud and remote to achieve the required business goals, while unified workflows and UX virtually eliminate the re-training of staff.

ASTRA Media Factory increases efficiency while improving the on-air/online look. It speeds editing via MAM tools including AI. It speeds news/sports production with automation designed for breaking news. 

ASTRA Media Factory is here to enable the change, to bridge the present with the future.

The Factory Floor

ASTRA Media Factory helps our customers create, manage and deliver content reliably, efficiently and with maximum impact. To achieve this, every workflow step is automated.

Automating all studio production equipment allows smaller staffs to produce higher quality news/sports/programming.

Automating ingest of files or live signals, ingest of metadata, or story-by-story ingest of news bulletins also triggers subsequent processing without the need of manual intervention.

Media Asset Management controls the media production workflows, manages metadata including AI enrichment, and acts as the heart of ASTRA Media Factory.

Playout of a bouquet of channels of any complexity is easily handled with on-prem, remote and cloud resources in the same GUI for efficient, responsive master control.

Recently ASTRA Media Factory has expanded tremendously with several projects using the SCTE 35/104/224/268 standards for localization.


ASTRA Media Factory operates in any combination of on-prem, in the cloud, and remote environment. It integrates equipment and appliances installed in any of these environments and manages media seamlessly across the boundaries.



Aveco's library of interfaces and implemented APIs of 3rd party products is the industry's largest. It keeps growing, across multiple clouds, remote systems and on-prem. Integration ranges from Tier 1 brands to Open-Source packages, and across all parts of media operations hardware, software and services.


Aveco ASTRA Media Factory includes the industry's only self-healing architecture that instantly re-builds backups by applying rules that assign resources. The solution remains operational and fully normalized to maintain uninterrupted distribution.

ASTRA Media Factory provides unique, modular media production and delivery capabilities

Media needs are growing quickly, and Aveco's ASTRA Media Factory is another major milestone, from one of the industry's most innovative automation providers.


ASTRA Media Factory is the 2024 NAB Best of Show Award Winner!





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