Looking Back While Looking Forward: What’s the Future?

Citius, Altius, Fortius is the name of the game, in sports as well as in business. Not a calming intro to an article which you read during the month of Christmas, right? Yet, December is not a time to close the year. That closes by itself. Today is the time to get ready for the year to come.

Aveco turned 30. Achieving such a milestone has proven that we do it right. We have great products, charge fair prices, have a team of smart and capable people, a wealth of experience, and a passion for what we do. That has given us a large number of customers who are loyal to Aveco. Because we are loyal to them.

We have implemented many changes in the recent years. Our ASTRA automation products work in the cloud as well as on prem, building the bridge for our customers connecting traditional hardware-based workflows with the new appliances in datacenters of the cloud giants. Our new generation MAM, GEMINI, has gained a good reputation and is helping customers make their work easier.

Now let’s look forward. In GEMINI 2 we are introducing the world’s first multi-layer versioning concept, ready for the most complex media workflows. With our vision of Create – Manage - Deliver and our news studio automation, MAM and playout automation, with our strong and growing team as well as all the changes in the company structure, we are ready to meet the future head on.

But, it leads me to look at what we – and you – do, from a different angle. Sure enough, we are not the authors of the information being delivered via our technologies to the masses. We just make sure the technical features of our products allow for the streams of information and entertainment be more omnipresent, more convincing, more targeted. Our responsibility is the technologies only, right?

But, is it really so? Maybe this is what we should think about during this quieter season. I wish our products to inform instead of mislead, encourage instead of stress, bring people together instead of dividing them.

Let me wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy and Satisfying New Year. I write it this way to tell you, that not the words I used, but the fact I have you all in my mind, I have you all in my heart, is the real value.




                                                                                                                                                                   From Left: Petr Lastovka, Java Technical Lead, Pavel Potuzak, CEO, Roman Plischke, Java Developer. Cheers!












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