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of Redwood BLUE and Redwood WHITE


Redwood BLUE  is a program delivery engine with ingest, playout, graphics and live switching features, powered by Harmonic technology.

Redwood WHITE  is an integrated playout engine that combines cost efficiency and high performance with unlimited channel branding capabilities.


We look forward to seeing you at booth # 3.B67 - RAI AMSTERDAM.


Aveco’s award-winning production automation, ASTRA Studio, is the only production automation designed for multi-studio facilities - and it’s optimized for fast-changing news and sports.

Aveco’s  ASTRA MCR automation manages a single TV channel as well as multichannel facilities, centralized and distributed across the globe.

The ASTRA MAM from Aveco enables multi-facility management in local, remote and cloud-based operation. A rules-based workflow engine automates all media processes, transfers and QC operations.

Aveco is the only company integrating production automation and master control automation in the same system, providing automated cue exchange to improve on-air appearance.  Aveco’s studio automation for show recording, ASTRA Take 2, stands alone in enhancing production quality, flexibility and efficiency.

Whether you are a TV station or group, a news network, a sports or entertainment channel, music channel, shopping channel, teleport or production facility, Aveco helps you to become a content factory, producing, managing and delivering content reliably, efficiently and with maximum impact.

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