"News-Studio-in-a-Box" prototype at Sports Video Group Summit

Come discuss how Aveco can serve your range of sports production and playout needs at booth #40 Dec 16-17 NY Hilton


Sports productions are increasingly aggressive in the use of automation and media asset management tools. Aveco has a range of sports-related products which, for 22 years, have been used in up to 275 broadcast organizations around the world. At this year's  SVG Summit, Aveco is showing another industry first: a News-Studio-In-A-Box, Redwood Studio.

It interfaces with leading NRCS systems, including ENPS and iNEWS, and provides a production switcher, 4 ch. video player, graphics, 4 ch audio player, audio mixer, Media Asset Management and PTZ camera robotics control - all in one box.

Aveco's integration with the Prime Image Time Tailor will also be discussed. It solves issues of game over-runs impacting regularly scheduled programming by carefully shortening content during pauses of action. Coupled with Aveco's master control automation it allows stations and networks to "catch up" to the program schedule, without any impact on commercials. For example, if a sports broadcast runs long by two minutes more than could be adjusted by removal of low-priority content (optional promos, public service announcements etc), and the next show would ideally start at the top of an hour, the Aveco-Prime Image solution will gracefully adjust the program presentation so that during the show following the live sports broadcast the schedule can be time-accurate, undetectable to viewers.

It also gracefully adjusts time in cases where games have unexpected resumption of action during a commercial break. 

There are many applications for this technology in live sports productions.

The Redwood Studio in a Box and the Aveco-and-Prime Image sub-system are not "islands" of capacity. They´reintegrated components of Aveco´s broad automation product line which serves small and mid-size studios and channels along with serving the largest and most complex TV networks of the world - all in the same system.C

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