AVECO´s Innovative Sports Systems at SVG College Sports Summit, booth 219

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Studio-in-a-Box, Media Asset Management, Mass-Ingest of sports archives, Master Control Playout

Aveco provides a range of software for sports television applications. With a number of sports leagues and schools launching TV networks, and with the vast growth of online video use, Aveco´s range of software has many areas of service.

These include:

  • Mass Ingest of video tape archives. Aveco interfaces to a range of video tape robotic systems, to move vast amounts of media from video tape to digital master format and streaming format storage. Aveco´s core database, Sybase, scales to the largest conceivable archives, and, for those with existing master MAM systems, Aveco accomplishes mass ingest as a transitory function. Aveco interfaces to video tape logs, controls video tape robotics and discreet machines, accomplishes mass ingest, posts all content to either the Aveco/Sybase master MAM or sends the media and metadata to external databases and clears the content from Aveco storage.
  • Media Asset Management. With advanced database technology, and a core of the high-end Sybase database, Aveco provides a MAM system that can scale to vast sizes, inexpensively.
  • Production Automatio. Aveco has the industry´s most versatile production automation system, and supports the largest number of broadcast products and sub-systems. These include camera robotics systems, all major production switchers, video servers, graphics systems, routing switchers and a range of virtual sets, audio mixers, lighting control systems and ancillary equipment.
  • Production Automation as a News-Studio-in-a-Box. Aveco´s Redwood Studio is a new concept in Studio automation that drastically reduces the capital costs and operational expenses while elevating production values.
  • Master Control Automation. Aveco is one of the industry´s leading providers of playout automation, ranging from high-end discreet device control to integrated playout channel-in-a-box solutions. With the industry´s broadcast set of device interfaces, and software sub-system interfaces (e.g. traffic, implemented API´s) essentially all combinations of equipment are comfortably handled, along with a playout-focused Media Asset Management system. Aveco also provides many innovative options for playout including remote stream splicing control. This can be used to localize ads, news and sports broadcasts to individual cable headends or to individual campus TV distribution locations.
  • Aveco´s Integrated playout, Redwood Play, provides industry-leading branding, with four HD video players, six channels of DVE, 32 layers of real time graphics and playout-focused Media Asset Management.


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