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Aveco is celebrating 25th years of Automation Innovation!  

We look forward to seeing you at  booth # N3413 during 24–27 April in Las Vegas.

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Aveco´s celebrating 25th years of automation innovation with the oldest customers enjoying decades of operation without ever missing a single timecode to air. Among Aveco´s 300+ broadcasters are major broadcasters with up to 68 TV networks; many large national TV networks, and Aveco scales down to small one-channel systems.

Aveco´s extreme reliability is coupled with the industry´s fastest growth of automation features - in both production automation and master control. These include:

  • The industry´s only company with both production automation and master control up-cut from the hand-offs between MCR and PCR. MCR operators more easily make adjustments to changing on-air conditions in breaking news, sports overtimes and major events coverage.
  • The only company providing both PCR and MCR automation in multiple locations, operating as one integrated system.
  • The industry´s first cloud-based Master Control.
  • The industry´s only production automation designed for studio recording sessions - "Take 2" -   a revolution in high-end news-sports-and-entertainment magazines.
  • Aveco has the industry´s most complete library of interfaces and hardware/software integration - with all manufacturers, allowing broadcaster to use the best products in each area, instead of getting locked into manufacturer´s "bundles." No manufacturer has the best products across the entire broadcast chain.
  • Aveco production automation can change a rundown from one studio to another in one-click, instantly moving control for all PCR and Studio equipmnet. Easily combine multiple studios for major event coverage. Aveco is the only news automation system designed for multi-studio operations.
  • Aveco´s integrated Facility Management is unique in the industry - allowing self-healing network operations and extraordinary pool-based efficiency improvements.
  • Aveco´s news production automation includes a range of exclusive features to serve breaking news.
  • The only Social Media Gateway for master control, optimazing realtime online promotions as part of on-air operations. For example, 30 seconds before the start of any program, automatically send an inviting tweet using Aveco´s integrated MAM´s 140-character program description field.
  • The only production automation integrating a Social Media Gateway.
  • Aveco accomplishes multiple MAM integrations routinely - as media is ingested, Aveco auto-populates all MAM databases, keeping local and multi-site operations in sync. Deletions can be global across all systems. All change notifications are communicated. Media status is easily updated. Compared to each MAM being it´s own island it´s a stunning improvement.
  • Aveco commonly handles unique name assignments across multi-site enterprises, avoiding MAM problems of events being recorded in multiple places without coordination.
  • Aveco´s MCR automation handles single and multiple channels in one or many locations, including remote stream-splicing localizing news, sports, traffic nad spots.

Whether you are a news broadcaster, sports or entertainment channel, music channel, shopping channel, teleport or production facility, Aveco helps you to become a content factory, producing, managing and delivering content reliably, efficiently and with maximum impact.