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SVG Summit 2016


Jim O´Brien talks at NewsTECH Forum, SVG Summit, NY Hilton, booth #13

Case Study Title: Multi-Studio News Production Automation, local and remote

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This covers best practices in multi-studio, multi-location news production automation as one integrated system.   Rundowns move from one studio to another by one press of a buttoorn - with the move including all settings for production switchers, camera robotics, graphics, virtual sets, on-set monitors/video walls, video roll-ins, audio mixer levels, lighting, video-search and MAM integration, NRCS integration etc.  

It includes an easy-to-use physical controller, so operators keep their eyes on TV monitors not computer screens to better execute director’s calls.  

Remote news production automation can serve routinely or be reserved for breaking news - which sometimes happens when local stations aren’t fully staffed. 

A unique news magazine automation system for high-end studio show recording, “Take 2 Studio Production Automation” will also briefly be discussed.

Aveco is the industry’s largest independent provider of news and master control automation with over 300 broadcast locations deployed. Many are the largest national TV networks of countries; the system scales to effectively also serve small local TV stations. For smaller stations and bureaus, Aveco developed the industry’s first news studio-in-a-box, Redwood Studio. Aveco maintains the industry’s largest library of broadcast hardware and software interfaces.

Having helped design and build several hundred TV operations in 41 countries over his 48 years in the industry, Jim is one of the world’s automation experts. 


Presenter: Jim O’Brien, President, Aveco