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Aveco presented it's products at NAB 2006 


Newest version of newsroom production system was presented. This flavour of Astra automation system allows a single person to control the whole live news bulletin on air. We presented the control of production mixers, graphics, videoservers, integration via MOS to newsroom computer systems ENPS and Octopus. Control of audio mixers, camera robots, lighting and any other equipment is available, too.

The customer can decide about the TV technology, our automation is open in terms of devices it controls.

Another product - Astra Lite - was presented as a bundle with a videoserver 360. Strictly defined off the shelf low cost automation product, just connect to videoserver and mixer, turn on and go on air. Still, it shares the same technology as our flagship automation products.

And, of course, we showcased the full scaled TV automation system Astra, with its multichannel capabilities, media asset management, low res browsing and editing and workflow control features.