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TV2 in Denmark uses Aveco's news production system


The Bornholm's TV2 uses the Aveco news automation system to control the on air production of live news bulletins. Single operator in the news production control room uses the Aveco control panel to give the pace to the newscast, while the technology  including videoservers, video and audio production mixers, camera robots, graphics and stage lighting is fully under control of the automation.

Fully template based operation allows the journalists just to assign the template name to the story and Astra takes care of all details including secondary events, camera positioning, DVE effects, graphics style.

The Aveco automation provides also other functions such as control of camera robots, or control of screen projections.

The automation handles such a details like fine-tuning of camera positions according to what anchor is on duty, or disabling camera movement when studio microphones are on because the pedestal wheels are noisy.