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The message from IBC2003


ASTRA has already proven itself as a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use automation system with a robust foundation running on the real-time operating system QNX and on industrial PC hardware. We discussed several future projects both large and small where the open architecture and versatility of ASTRA proved we have an interesting solution for large installations distributed accross the Internet, centralcasting systems as well as single box solutions.

At our booth at IBC we presented our ASTRA Automation system in a non-single-point-of-failure configuration with web-based services, wide area media management, extended control of the workflow as well as playlist management of 3 on-air channels. All of these features have been installed at our customers' sites and are used on-air.

Our newest product, the videoserver REDWOOD, was presented for a first time to the public. We believe it is the nicest videoserver currently available on the market, and it works well, too.

The message from IBC2003 was very positive. Our existing customers are coming back to us with new projects and are interested in our new products. New prospective customers are discussing their varied needs with us - and we are finding that, after being on-air since 1994, we have solutions ready off-the-shelf!

Thank you all for coming. We are looking forward to implementing the projects that we have discussed.

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