Jamuna TV, Dhaka, Bangladesh Automates with Astra Suite of Tools


Jamuna TV is the latest broadcaster to take advantage of the entire Astra Suite of Tools as they launched their brand new 24 hour News channel based on a fully tapeless workflow.

With Astra CMS as their Content Management System, Astra MCR for programming, Astra News for live events and late breaking news they get tremendous efficiencies through the tight integration of all functions on one platform: Astra.

They were able to save money through the use of existing equipment because of Astra's large library of supported devices. Operational costs were saved by being able to run the operation with minimal staff because of Astra's automation features for their entire workflow.

Jamuna TV is a prime example that no location is too remote or too difficult for Aveco to deliver a large, complex installation. It is proof that Aveco's reputation for delivering products that work is well deserved.