Televisa expanding with Aveco Televisa Mexico


Located in Mexico City, Televisa is a $4 billion multimedia conglomerate and the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world. Their most concentrated per channel revenue stream, Televisa Canales, has been on-air with Astra since 2007. And in 2010, we completed an upgrade to Astra's latest generation servers to add control of more devices with more behind the scenes automation. "Our sales team correctly promises a system that will be reliable and ready to change when customer's needs change. Every year Televisa's demands challenge us to meet the promise of reliability and flexibility. And every year we deliver on that promise. " Says Lukas Kotek, Projects Manager.

Televisa Canales is an excellent example of a multi-site tapeless workflow operation. Televisa relies on one Astra system at three locations to Ingest and Playout their 4 flagship SD TV and corresponding 4 HD TV channels along with other secondary channels that support over 80 regional TV stations throughout Mexico.