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VIVA TV in Germany has turned to Aveco's automation system Astra for results


Aveco lost the Viva project two and a half years ago against a reputed automation vendor. Since then the vendor was not able to deliver the features Viva has requested. 

Aveco was invited to come and do the presentation. During the two days of the onsite preparation we have implemented the interface to their plannig system and to the Pinnacle DekoCast and presented all requested features successfuly to the customer. Among others Astra controlled multiple squeezed pictures, playout of different clips simultaneously in the squeezed windows on single screen, displaying lower thirds in specified timeslots where the text was included in the playlist, and more.

Within six weeks Aveco prepared the specification, delivered the system, customized it according to the requests, trained the crew, and launched on air. Viva is modern music TV with a lot of interactivity. Astra playlists receive the clips winning the votes ten to twenty seconds prior to airing. Viva viewers also are able to create their own jingles at the Viva web site. These jingles will be broadcasted by using the videoserver Aveco Redwood Lite.

After launch we received the following letter from the VIVA TV's Management regarding the implementation of their specific workflow: "We would like to add our full respect and our congratulations regarding the amazing performance of your team and equipment. Without your professional work and responsible engagement this would not have been possible."