The industry’s first Studio Recording Production Automation “Take 2” Advances at NAB 2016


Las Vegas – April 18, 2016 — Aveco®, the worldwide broadcast automation specialist, announces further expansion of “Take 2” the revolutionary studio recording production automation platform.


Working with several of the world’s largest broadcast groups, Aveco developed a system that allows a director to simple call “cut”, a technical director uses Aveco’s Take 2 NLE-like timeline to reposition where the production would resume – e.g. 10 seconds before a guest started coughing.  Selecting this location results in Aveco precisely re-cuing, in an instant, all settings of production switchers, audio mixer, graphics, virtual sets, camera robotics, lighting, monitors-or-monitor-walls on set etc.  Pressing one button “Take 2” continues the production.


As many takes throughout the show can be easily accomplished. At the end, pressing “finalize” auto-compiles all the best takes into a finished production, outputs an EDL in case there are post-production touch-ups, and, outputs media markers in Aveco’s integrated MAM that allow easily changing which take is used.


“The industry has several live news production automation systems, including Aveco’s award-winning ASTRA Studio, but this is the first system designed for studio show recording,” said Pavel Potuzak, Aveco’s CEO.  “We’d been automating newscasts for these large broadcasters for years, and the sophisticated needs of primetime news magazines and sports magazines helped us all see an opportunity to make a break-thru product for recording sessions. High-end production values are needed and to do it all manually, or try to use a system only designed for newscasts, produces huge limitations. We’re very proud to work with our broadcast partners to continually push the leading edge of automation and Take 2 is a good example of this.”


Aveco has the largest library of interfaces and API integrations with all industry manufacturers, allowing efficient development of this studio show recording platform, Take 2.  Having this vast library also enables use of the best products across the production and broadcast chain – as opposed to “bundled” systems that contain inferior products. For the Take 2 studio recording platform, it provides immediate access to all of the major production switchers including GV, Ross, SAM, Sony, FOR.A and others, as well as all major robotics manufacturers, major graphics and virtual set platforms, multiple video servers, audio mixers, audio servers, lighting controllers etc.

Since 1992 Aveco has led the industry in being the safest and most innovative broadcast automation platform. It’s the only system running on a real-time operating system, QNX, which has till now never had a virus, compared to now approximately one million new viruses and malware attacks per day on the Windows platform.

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