Aveco at LiveTV: LA Automation Innovations in TV Show Production


Las Angeles – November 17, 2016 — Aveco®, the worldwide broadcast automation specialist presented a case study at LiveTV:LA on the state-of-the-art in TV Production Automation for major studios and TV station groups.


“Production Automation makes show production more sophisticated, easier to accomplish, more efficient and when deployed properly, it maintains the great spontaneity of quality live directing” said Jim O’Brien, President of Aveco who gave the speech. “High-end production values are best suited to pre-planning – otherwise there’s too much room for manual mistakes, and, setting up shots takes too much intercom time.  Aveco has a vast body of experience in accomplishing sophisticated automation, has products like ‘Take 2’ that are designed for show recording, and has integration with all studio production hardware and software as well as integration with the multiple MAMs and PAMs that characterize major media companies.”

“This allows Aveco’s built-in MAM to work seamlessly across the media company enterprise,” said Jim O’Brien. “There’s great value in maturing from islands of MAM and PAM to an over-arching media workflow automation platform like ours that integrates with all of the existing software architecture, and, hardware devices, to make one smoothly operating platform”

Aveco has the largest library of interfaces and API integrations with all industry manufacturers, Having this vast library also enables use of the best products across the production and broadcast chain.  For the Take 2 studio recording platform, it provides immediate access to all of the major production switchers including GV, Ross, SAM, Sony, FOR.A and others, as well as all major robotics manufacturers, major graphics and virtual set platforms, multiple video servers, audio mixers, audio servers, lighting controllers etc.

Since 1992 Aveco has led the industry in being the safest and most innovative broadcast automation platform. It’s the only system running on a real-time operating system, QNX, which has till now never had a virus, compared to now approximately one million new viruses and malware attacks per day on the Windows platform.

Aveco developed and continually matures a full Suite of Automation Tools, a modular software architecture that allows the company to serve small niches of software needs, and allows growth in use of the Aveco platform to extend to all parts of ingest, production, on-air operations, archiving, OTT, social media and multi-location, multi-studio, multi-network operation.


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