At SMPTE 100th Anniversary Conference, Aveco salutes the organization and shows a next-generation preview


Los Angeles, October 24, 2016 — Aveco®, the worldwide broadcast automation specialist, celebrates with SMPTE the organizations 100th Anniversary at the 2016 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

“Standards are the life-blood of the industry” said Jim O’Brien, President of Aveco. “Without SMPTE’s efforts, most every large manufacturer would only work with its own products - - and everyone sees this happening in the early days of all IP systems where standards aren’t set.”

“Aveco, by working with all manufacturers to integrate all production, playout and Media Asset Management systems has benefitted tremendously by SMPTE’s efforts – and we’re very thankful to the hundreds of volunteers and to the staff that effectively form standards” said O’Brien.

At this year’s SMPTE conference, Aveco is previewing the next-generation of its award-winning ASTRA production automation and master control automation. Updates include new specialized tools for Sports Network Master Control and new breaking-news features for production automation. The next major release of Aveco’s automation and MAM will be at NAB 2017.

Aveco has an anniversary of its own at NAB 2017 – 25 Years at the cutting edge of automation. See Aveco at booth 106, just inside the entrance at SMPTE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

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