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ARD, Germany, broadcasts one main TV channel and nine regional channels under Astra control


ARD, the first German public channel ("Das Erste") broadcasts since the beginning of 2005 from the centralized facility in Frankfurt. The Aveco automation Astra is used by ARD to control nationwide broadcasting of the core TV channel plus nine opt-out TV channels for regional ad insertions. 

Astra is responsible for ingest, media management and playout, as well as for controlling the additional services such as VPS, WSS and others.

Astra interfaces to other systems such as D.A.V.I.D., the planning system PLAN1 and the sales system WISOS.

The project focuses on maximum reliability of the transmission. Therefore the automation system is fully mirrored and controls mirrored videoservers, mixers and other techology. Emergency strategies are an important part of the specification, training and handover.

Aveco went a long way on the German market starting with a small system installed five years ago. During the years Aveco has proven to the broadcasters that it's systems and services are worth to consider. Astra at first German public channel confirmed the good reputation Aveco has gained.