Swiss Regional Broadcaster La Télé Vaud and Fribourg TV SA Installs New Aveco ASTRA Studio news production automation & Incite MAM/Editing Solution

Systems integrator & solution provider IMC Technologies upgrades Lausanne and Fribourg studios with Aveco ASTRA news production automation, Octopus NRCS, and IMC’s Incite MAM & News Editing.

Prague, Czech Republic, December 22, 2017 - Aveco, the worldwide broadcast automation specialist, through Geneva-based systems integrator IMC Technologies has installed two ASTRA Studio automation systems in the cities of Lausanne and Fribourg for La Télé, the regional Switzerland broadcaster.  


The Aveco ASTRA automation system is integrated with a newsroom computer system (NRCS) from Octopus Newsroom, and Incite media asset management (MAM) system from IMC Technologies. This also marks the first integration of the Aveco ASTRA automation system with Harmonic Spectrum X video servers in a live production environment, as well integration with the open source CasparCG platform, including an ActiveX plugin developed by Aveco for common NRCS systems.

“With IMC Technologies, Aveco was able to deliver a seamless automation system to La Télé, that lets the news teams at La Télé focus on the task of reporting and delivering the news, not on the technology being used,” said Josef Zadina, Sales Director for Aveco. “This is possible with complete integration with the station’s MAM and NRCS systems, as well as delivering Aveco’s NRCS plugin for CasparCG graphics system.”

La Télé is the first privately owned channel in French-speaking Switzerland to broadcast news and general-interest magazines. Since starting broadcasting in 2009, La Télé has grown to a television audience of more than 55,000 unique average daily viewers, as well as viewers on its web and mobile platforms.

"Aveco ASTRA automation system gives us the features we need in a way that fits seamlessly into our production workflows,” said Francois Vittoz, Technical Director for La Télé. ”With the ability to communicate with our NRCS and MAM systems, ASTRA brings the entire operation together so that we can playout and deliver the best product to all our viewers, whether on-air, online, or mobile.”

"One of the best aspects of working with Aveco is their ability to react quickly to customer requirements,” said Georges Nakhlé, Managing Director of IMC Technologies. "As the only independent vendor of production automation systems, we knew that Aveco would be able to work with our Incite MAM, as well as the Octopus NRCS. It’s that level of confidence that makes Aveco a premium automation company as they let the customer decide what the best solutions for their operation will be, without forcing specific products or partners upon them.” 

La Télé’s operations in Lausanne and Fribourg went on-air with their new systems in September 2017.


About IMC Technologies

Based in Geneva, IMC Technologies specializes in the creation of production applications for television and radio broadcasting post-production and the Sport market. These include Instant playback solution, editing, Media asset management, transcoding, disc/cloud/LTO archive management, all based an open IT approach. IMC also provides a wide range of supporting services including consultancy and project design, workflow analysis, project management, custom and generic software development, systems integration, training, technical support and maintenance. More information is available at


Swiss Broadcaster La Télé Installs Aveco Playout Automation in Two Locations
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