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Los Angeles, August 4, 2019 — Aveco, the television industry’s largest independent automation provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Ocon Solutions Company (OSC), an industry-leading broadcast design company developing “software-defined master control”™, and, “software-defined station operations”™ solutions.

“Like so many of the industry, I’ve admired Jim Ocon for decades – he’s been an innovative leader and contributed so much to how the TV industry has matured,” said Jim O’Brien, President of Aveco.  “We’re honored to partner with OSC to bring ‘software defined master control’™ and ‘software-defined station operations’™ to market.”

“I’ve been working on better integrating broadcast operations for many years,” said Jim Ocon, President and Chief Innovation Officer of OSC (pictured). “Aveco uniquely combines News Production Automation, Master Control Automation, Media Asset Management and Equipment-pool Facility Management – they have the largest library of integrations with all parts of the broadcast chain - and it’s a stand-out technology leader of the global industry. I can’t wait to introduce Aveco into leading US broadcast groups.”

“The time is ripe for a new wave of technology control orchestration of all parts of TV operations,” said Jim Ocon. “We’re partnering with a small select number of like-minded manufacturers to make a major difference in news production and master control efficiency, in improvement of the on-air look, in better responsiveness during breaking news and in better design of workflow automation across all parts of the broadcast chain. I’d like to show you my new design.”

Aveco and Ocon Solutions will be networking at Texas Association of Broadcasters convention Aug. 7-8 Aug, at NAB East Oct 16-17 booth N365 and at SMPTE Los Angeles Oct 21-24th booth 111.

On-line demonstrations, station-and-hub design discussions, and proof-of-concept installations are available now.

Aveco: 818 292 1489,  

Ocon Solutions: 719 505 2817,

Ocon PR Release: Download here

TVTechnology: Aveco Partners With Ocon Solutions on Software-Defined Master Control, Ops




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