Partnership means more than business... it's a partner who you can rely on 

Aveco is strongly committed to the health and well-being of its employees, customers and business partners, and to the continuity of broadcasting services

During the COVID-19 crisis, having the right playout TV automation system is important. The role of broadcasters is to be ready for any situation - this means transmission playout control both inside and outside of your main premises at any time. Aveco, with its ASTRA TV automation system can already be used for off premise playout control from anywhere. Using available connectivity (LTE, GSM or any other broadband IP connectivity), you are in full control.

ERT - Greece
Greek public TV service ERT, is a long term partner of Aveco. Their ASTRA automation platform gives ERT a high level of flexibility and additional value with playout automation control from anywhere. Within an hour, ERT has prepared their emergency remote playout control site with IP connectivity to the main ERT facility in Athens. ASTRA automation modules have been activated in less than a minute and became immediately available for remote playout and transmission management. The reaction times in that case were crucial.

ČT3 - Czech Republic
We have also helped to start up a new TV channel in the Czech Republic. “Seniors seem to be the most vulnerable group of people, so the Czech government is trying to protect them from the Coronavirus, advising them to stay at home at all times,” explains Pavel Potuzak, Aveco's CEO. “The new public ČT Channel3 structure is designed especially for this older target group to keep them entertained and happy (as much as it is possible under these circumstances). And we are proud to be a part of such a helpful and beneficial project, which was decided, prepared, executed and automated within just four days - quite fantastic and unique!” 

We are ready to assist, offering professional support at all times. Stay in touch, stay safe, we're here to help. 


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