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Aveco’s Redwood GREEN is a multipurpose video engine that provides integrated channel origination, ingest and playout features. It is a proven broadcasting solution with integrated IP and SDI interfaces, graphics, DVE effects, to-from live switching, and support for formats up to UHD HDR for end video delivery – for applications where quality and reliability are paramount. Redwood GREEN is powered by Harmonic.

Integrated Channel Workflow

As a platform for live-to-disk recording, clip playout, graphics insertion, master control switching with DVEs, subtitling, independent branding of simultaneous channels and many other broadcast features, Redwood GREEN’s hardware and software are both modular and scalable to deliver the right feature set. Further providing a complete IP workflow using the industry standards SMPTE ST 2022-6 and ST 2110, together with the SDI interfaces, means streamlined delivery of professional content in today’s hybrid world where the adoption of IP to the existing SDI infrastructures is in progress.

Best of Both Worlds

As a result of the combined technologies of Harmonic – the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure solutions – and Aveco’s robust, industry-standard automation system, Redwood GREEN meets the needs of the most demanding users.

Video Engine

The Redwood GREEN video engine, which provides end-to-end SD/HD and UHD HDR video ingest and delivery, is highly scalable and suitable for traditional broadcast chains as well as integrated channel playout. Built-in multi-channel DVE, 8 layers of graphics, master control switching with clip playback, and ingest capabilities make Redwood GREEN perfect for a wide range of applications. With up to four SD/HD channels or one 4K UHD channel per unit, Redwood GREEN gives you the flexibility to add channels as you need. For reliability and fault tolerance, the video engine components operate independently. Redwood GREEN is designed for extreme reliability.

Automation Platform

The ASTRA Suite of Tools can automate your facility’s workflows. By automating ingest, media asset management, master control playout and studio operation, your costs are lower and your workflows are simpler. Built on powerful media asset management, ASTRA provides tools to streamline the lifecycle of all of your content locally or from remote locations.

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SDI Inputs Up to four SD/HD channels, one UHD channel
Up to two Live inputs per channel in standard channel mode  
Up to six Live inputs per channel in combined channel mode  
SDI Outputs Up to four SD/HD channels, one UHD channel
Up to two simulcast outputs per channel
Independently configurable up/down/crossconversion  
IP Inputs/Outputs Optional 10GE for ingest, play from compliant NAS and 25/10 GE ports module for HD/UHD 2022-6/2110
Connectors AES, LTC and GPIO (multi-pin connector; available adapter cable)
Ethernet ports for connection to the system management software, file transfer or API control
Reference Analog black with color burst, PTP for IP I/O
Media Network Optional automatic failover
Access: FTP, CIFS, AFP
Codecs SD
(525i 29.97, 625i 25)
MPEG-2: 3-24.9 Mbps LGOP; 25-50 Mbps I-frame
Codecs HD 1.5G
(1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60)
MPEG-2: 18-85 Mbps LGOP; 50-100 Mbps I-frame
XDCAM HD: 18, 25, 35, 50 Mbps
RP 2027 Class 50/100: Class 100, 1920x1080i (25/29.97 Hz); Generic 1280x720p (50/59.94 Hz)
AVC-Ultra (Panasonic): Class 50 and Class 100, 1920x1080i (25/29.97 Hz); 1280x720p (50/59.94 Hz)
XAVC-I Class 100 (Sony): Class 100, 1920x1080i (25/29.97 Hz); 1280x720p (50/59.94 Hz)
XAVC-L: High 422, Level 4, 25, 50 Mbps
AVC-LongG: Record: 25, 50 Mbps; Playback: 12, 25, 50 Mbps
VC-3 (SMPTE 2019-1): 120, 145, 220 Mbps

ProRes: 122, 147, 220 Mbps; SQ and HQ modes
Codecs HD 3G
(1080p 50/60)
AVC I-Frame: XAVC-I, AVC-Intra , AVC-I RP 2027 Class 100 (generic)
XAVC-L: XAVC, High 422, Level 4.2, up to 50 Mbps
AVC-LongG: 35, 40, 45, 50 Mbps
AVCU-LongG: 12, 25, 50 Mbps
VC-3 (SMPTE 2019-1): 190, 220, 367, 440 Mbps, HQX mode

ProRes: 440 Mbps, LT mode
Codecs UHD Quad-3G
(2160p 50/60)
XAVC: I-Frame, Class 300, 422, 10-bit, 50p/60p, L-Gop 10bit 4.2.2 200mbs 50p/60p
AVCU: I-Frame, Level 5.2, 422, 10-bit, 50p/60p
VC-3 (SMPTE 2019-1): 145-180 Mbps, LB mode

ProRes: 821 Mbps LT mode
Media File Wrappers QT MOV (self-contained and referenced), MXF OP1a (also low latency), GXF
Aspect Ratio Conversion
Channels SMPTE 299M/272M
Up to 16 embedded per video channel
Uncompressed: 16, 24, 32-bit PCM @ 48 kHz
Compressed: passthrough, Dolby® decode/encode
Features Audio down-mix
Audio track swapping, track tagging, language rules
Audio mix effects, VO insertion
Closed Captions
EIA-608, EIA-708
Up convert: EIA-608 captions translated to EIA-708
Down convert: EIA-608 compatibility bytes extracted from EIA-708  data to create EIA-608 captions
Subtitles Line 21, OP47
Up convert: Line 21 OP-42 subtitles translated to OP-47
Down convert: OP-47 subtitles translated to line 21 OP-42
Digital Cuetone SCTE 104
VBI, VANC Passthrough
Branding & Graphics Adobe® Creative Cloud compatibility
Integrated DVE; single and dual 2D DVE mode
Independent branding for each primary and simulcast channel
Up to eight layers of graphics per channel
Static and animated graphics, logo, full-screen slate, rolls, crawls, voice-over
Dynamic text substitution from ASTRA or external source
Graphics Formats PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, FLV, Targa, WEBM, MP4, with HTML5 or SWF
Master Control Switching            1-6 live inputs (configurable)
Switch between live and recorded clips
Key + fill support
Type Faces All standard font formats are supported
Captions & Subtitles
Localized and customized open captions
Live & file-based open- and closed-caption insertion
Integrated voice-over
Independent duck-mix-shuffle of live, clip and graphics audio sources
Media Ports
Up to 4 bidirectional SD/HD ports (decoder/encoder) or one bidirectional 4K UHD port
Integrated Channel Playout, videoserver for playout and ingest
Proxy encoding (MPEG4)
Capacity Choice of four internal 3.5” 2TB, 4TB or 6TB HDDs or 1.9TB SSDs
Redundacy 3+1 modified RAID 4 (single parity)
Power Supply Dual redundant, hot-swappable
Input Voltage Range 90-260 V, 45-63 Hz
Power Consumption Max. 800 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 2RU 17.53 in x 3.44 in x 28.75, 44.55 cm x 8.74 cm x 73.03 cm
46 lbs/20.8 kg (with HDDs), 38.5 lbs/17.5 kg (without HDDs)
Operating Temperature
+5º to +40º C
Operating Humidity 10% to 85% non-condensing
Copyright © 2020 Aveco. All product and application features and specifications are subject to change at Aveco's sole discretion at any time and without notice


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Key Features

  • Hybrid IP & SDI Workflows
  • HTML5 Graphics
  • COTS Hardware
  • Dolby® E encode/decode
  • Video processing core powered by Harmonic
  • Modular and scalable software
  • Live and clip playout, master control switching including DVEs, subtitling, independent branding of simulcast channels, live and file ingest and more
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