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News Production and Playout
Design of a news bulletin is the art. However, a news story is a commodity and shall be produced as such, quickly and efficiently. Focus on the art of telling your stories, and leave the production and delivery processes on our automation tools.
Delivery is the key of the media business - and it's evolving faster than ever. Multichannel operations, with secondary channels, niche and temporary channels, regional programming insertion, integration with social media, local-regional-and-cloud operations have to run reliably and cost-efficiently.  We have solutions!
Sports Studio and Playout
Sports means many things. Sports is an excitement for kids and hobbyists. It's a job for professional athletes. Sports is an entertainment for fans and a huge revenue source for media companies. We know how to maximize the profit (and then go to do some sporting activity ourselves.)
Studio Automation
Advantages of studio automation for live production are clear. Now add to it a control of multicamera ingest and the ease of Assemble Edit, loved by operators and executed on videoservers, and you get an ultimate toolset for quick and efficient studio operations.
GEMINI Media Management
Manage the lifecycle of assets from acquisition through postproduction, on air live production and playout to archiving.
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