25th Anniversary ASTRA MCR & ASTRA MAM Editions Continuing a Legacy of Innovation


Las Vegas, April 24, 2017 -  Aveco®, the worldwide broadcast automation specialist, announces the 25th Anniversary Edition of its ASTRA MCR Master Control Automation at NAB.


Among serving all types of TV stations and networks, Aveco serves many of the largest sports networks of the world – and sports master control has many special needs.  Aveco this year announces another master control sports innovation, developed with News Corp. and designed to optimize instant-availabilities on key plays.


Many advertisers want to sponsor highlight moments -  a home run or a strike out, a touchdown or an interception, a three-pointer or a block, a birdie or a blown putt, a six in cricket, a goal in football, score in hockey, ace in tennis etc. During a game/match it’s never known in what instant which avail will come up. While Aveco has had alternative playlists for years, we’ve now developed a new and more facile tool for play-related master control. It debuts at NAB 2017.


Aveco has a 25-year reputation for continued innovation in master control. Among the industry “Firsts” in the company’s legacy:

  • The first dynamic traffic interface, 25 years ago – long before BXF was conceived
  • The first “cloud”-based master control deployment – before it was called a “cloud”
  • The first, and still the only, integration of master control and production automation in the same system, with automated cueing for frame-accurate PCR-MCR-PCR transitions
  • The first, and still the only “self-healing” master control automation system, made possible by Aveco’s underlying equipment pool manager – for example, if a backup video server port goes on air as primary, a new backup is instantly, automatically assigned from the pool equipment implementing a facility’s Priority Use Plan
  • The first Master Control Automation with integrated MAM
  • The first and only Master Control Automation integrated MAM that includes federated search across all MAMs and PAMs in a facility – enabling missing media to be found faster than any other system
  • The only master control automation with a built-in serial change-over switch
  • The first Master Control Automation integrated with a Newsroom Computer System for both MOS-Updates and Traffic-Updates on the same playlist
  • The first and still the only master control automation system to handle all aspects of remote insertion of news-sports-spots through stream-splicing integration – and this feature takes another major step forward with this year’s 25th Anniversary MCR release
  • The only master control system running on a, thus far, 100% virus-free operating system (QNX) compared to tens of millions more Windows malware attacks per month
  • The only master control system that is client-server based, with simultaneous software client use in Windows, Macs and Linux


Aveco celebrates its 25th Anniversary of remaining at the cutting edge of automation. See our range of innovations in the North Hall at NAB, booth N3413.

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