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Aveco Redwood BLACK
Aveco’s Redwood BLACK is a multipurpose video engine that provides integrated channel origination, ingest and playout features. It is a proven broadcasting solution with integrated IP and SDI interfaces, graphics, DVE effects, to-from live switching, and support for formats up to UHD HDR for end video delivery – for applications where quality and reliability are paramount. Redwood BLACK is powered by Harmonic Spectrum X technology.
Aveco Redwood WHITE
Aveco's Redwood WHITE video engine is designed for effective playout and integrated channel origination emphasizing the best price-performance ratio as well as studio and MCR-oriented graphics engines.
Aveco Redwood BLUE
Aveco's Redwood BLUE is a professional multipurpose video engine powered by Harmonic Spectrum technology. It is designed for ingest, playout and integrated channel origination applications where quality, reliability and redundancy are paramount.