Design of a news bulletin is the art. However, a news story is a commodity and shall be produced as such, quickly and efficiently. Focus on the art of telling your stories, and leave the production and delivery processes on our automation tools. 


From news studio automation, through end to end Media Asset Management workflow automation, through master control playout, we have a variety of products to answer every need.

Included is a deep bi-directional MOS integration and plugins for every NRCS, placeholder workflows, extreme reliability, a range of redundancy options, and mainly Automation of workflow and playout. Every repetitive task can be automated, freeing the staff to focus on news and on the creative part of editing and production.

ASTRA Studio is a fully automated studio production system. Substantially reduce the number of required staff while elevating the production value of newscasts and shows. 

For larger facilities, ASTRA Studio is the only multi-studio automation system available today. Using Aveco’s award-winning facility management, a rundown can be moved from one studio to another in one button push. This moves all production switcher control, graphics, virtual set-physical set monitor wall, camera robotics, video roll-ins, audio, lighting etc.  Also, combining multiple studios for major events is easier and more versatile than any other automation platform.

Integration with ASTRA MCR improves on-air presentation through automated cue exchange from PCR-to-MCR-to-PCR so there’s never an upcut or blip of black in transition. 

GEMINI manages all content on the video servers and centralized storage systems. It includes a rules-based file processing, QC and transfer engine that automatically moves content to the desired location. It can be extended to include archives and production storage systems to provide a comprehensive view of all content. Proxy generation and desktop viewing are also available as well as multi-site web viewers with inter-facility file transfers.

Uniquely, Aveco integrates GEMINI with all MAMs and PAMs within the broadcast enterprise, keeping all users in sync.  It's time for the islands of media to mature into a smooth-working workflow.

ASTRA Ingest automatically or manually ingests content from live feeds, cameras or files and provides a focal point for QA. Metadata can be automatically generated, loaded from the NRCS system or added manually. Placeholder based workflows make the news production straightforward.


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Related Products

  • ASTRA Studio -more graphics, more news, bigger impact, produced by fewer staff.
  • ASTRA MCR - powerful integration of MCR and Studio automation, even in a single automation server, providing automated cue exchange to perfectly transition from PCR-MCR-PCR every time.
  • GEMINI - manages the lifecycle of news assets from acquisition through postproduction, on air live production to archiving.
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