Manage the lifecycle of assets from acquisition through postproduction, on air live production and playout to archiving.

Integration with automation

No integration is needed. The MAM and other Aveco products use the same database, so instead of having island-oriented workflows that need to be interfaced, the workflows are naturally facility-wide. Everybody with the proper rights can see and use the MAM data, as well us be involved in the workflows.

Integration with 3rd party MAMs

Many 3rd party systems include local MAM or asset databases. GEMINI uses the 3rd party APIs to integrate with them and to replicate the metadata. This allows the workflows to be spread across the facility without any system-to-system boundary.

Integration with 3rd party systems

Extended MOS protocol and Aveco plugins are used to integrate with NRCSs so that the journalists can enjoy the ease of GEMINI operations. Traffic systems are integrated by using application interfaces to exchange metadata updates, asset status updates and any other information.

Workflow control

Ability to control the workflows through rules and asset status registered in the database is a strong point of AVECO MAM. The optimum level of workflow automation can be achieved so that only creative and supervision tasks are left on the operators. There is a whole variety of options for news production as well as entertainment playout that can be further customized and personalized to achieve the shortest time to air with minimum effort and minimum cost.

Hierarchical storage management

GEMINI manages various storage systems within the facility distributed both horizontally and vertically within the workflows, with playout storage on the top and LTO archives at the bottom. GEMINI is best suited to optimize the usage of the individual storage systems across the hierarchy (HSM), as it knows all playlists and thus it knows when each clip is to be used, and, when it will be be produced. The HSM is rule-based, manages redundancy storage and handles priorities of assets.


We offer ingest features for anything from archive digitization through file and metadata ingest, multi-camera baseband ingest with automatic and manual control that is fully integrated into your workflows.

Media browsing

Operators can browse the assets by using various tools. They can see the original clips by using the automation SDI browsing tools. GEMINI also manages the low resolution proxy clips for desktop browsing. If the network infrastructure and storage bandwidth allows, high resolution browsing on the desktop is also available.

Derush and stitching

The ability to retrieve trimmed segments from original clips (derush) optimizes the storage and subsequent media processing.

The ability to create a new clip from a sequence of clip segments streamlines workflow and speeds up asset production.

Asset processing

Other workflow steps are available such as transcoding, adding/removing audio tracks, file based audio shuffling and loudness control, adding subtitling tracks or setting/resetting AFD flags and other embedded metadata.


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